Explosion Proof Crane

Explosion Proof Crane Features

Zinter has a trusted name in the crane industry that stands for precision and safety.  That's why we are the leader in environments where precision and safety are tested to the maximum.  We cover every detail to ensure safe operation in environments that are potentially hazardous and that have a zero tolerance level for error.  Our lifting equipment engineers have explored and researched the safest ways to operate in the most challenging environments.

Bronze wheels.

Bronze Wheels

NEMA 7/9 control enclosures.


Bronze load hook. 

Bronze Hook



• Intrinsically Safe motor controls.

• Epoxy Paint.

• Bronze sheaves.

• Stainless Steel Spark Resistant Festooning.

Often it is important to have redundancy like over LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) tanks.

The below shows varying degrees of redundancy offered.